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Andrew Wallace believes he had a first wife, Frances Latimer, which is borne out by Elinor being listed as George Brower Sr.'s step-daughter and Fredrich being married 26 years compared to Henrietta's 22 years.  Also, note Eleanor's (Elinor) middle name of Francis/Frances.  

1920 Census
Frederic Sweetman is living with his second wife Henrietta's parents George and Minnie at 433 New York Ave, Jersey City, Hudson, NJ. Born New York; father born England(?), mother born Germany. Salaried foreman at a map company. Child Eleanor is not living with them.  Is it possible Frances Lattimer and Fredrich Sweetman divorced?  Need to look for Frances and Eleanor living alone in 1920.  
1920 Census

1930 Census
George W. Brower, 65, widower, head, age at marriage 23, living at 433 New York Ave, Jersey City, Hudson, NJ; born NY, parents born NY, letter carrier. Living with him were:
George Jr., son, 37, born NJ, parents born NY, auditor at a picture company, veteran of WWI, age at marriage 22.
Fredrich Sweetman, son-in-law, 46, married 26 years, born NY, parents born United States(?), occupation dept head of Maps.
Henrietta Sweetman, 42, daughter, born NJ, parents born NY, not working;
Elinor Sweetman, 21, single, step-daughter(? should it be step-granddaughter?), born NJ, parents born NY, clerical, insurance office;
Alva Sweetman, 16, single, granddaughter, born NJ, father born NJ, mother NY.

1930 Census

Thomas REED

Name Suffix: *
REFN: 4776


Name Suffix: *
REFN: 4777

George REED Dea

Name Suffix: Dea **
REFN: 1194

Ralph REED

Ancestral File Number: 9K8Q-C7

Justice REED

Ancestral File Number: 9K8Q-DD

Bethia REED

Ancestral File Number: 9K8Q-FK

Michael REED

Ancestral File Number: 9K8Q-GQ

Abigail REED

Ancestral File Number: 24TD-DM

Sarah REED

Name Suffix: *
REFN: 1221

Rebecca REED

Ancestral File Number: 9K8Q-LF

Israel REED

Ancestral File Number: 9K8Q-J3

BIRTH: Also shown as Born England.

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1642