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Thomas Crocker

History of Paris, ME: Its settlement to 1880 Lapham & Maxim. There is a Thomas Crocker who immigrated to Norway, ME in 1809, along with George Bridgham. Very likely that the Thomas Crocker from the 1860 census in Paris is this one.   

See his image, a picture of his house, and his parlor.  All pictures are from a book titled, Maine, A History, Centennial Edition, Biographical which was published by The American Historical Society in 1919.  Thomas Crocker was the second son of Roland and Mehitable (Merrill) Crocker and was born in North Conway, New Hampshire, April 14, 1788.  He moved to Paris, Maine and took a job as a clerk in the store of Increase Robinson.  He married (1) Clarissa Stowell and (2)Almira Davis.  He was the father of nine children.  They are named in the biography, along with the names of their spouses and, sometimes, the names of the grandchildren.  Pictures rescued and restored to the family by Elaine Kaufman.

Clarissa Stowell

A History of Paris. Children: Catherine N. 1817, Thomas S. 1819, Mary Elizabeth, 1822, Annette Maria, 1824, Charles Henry, 1827, Thomas M. 1831, Augustus G. 1833

Lt. Thomas Merrill

There is a Thomas Merrill (1723-1788) who was a state legislator in NH, lived in Conway NH.  Need to research to confirm a connection.

Mehitable Harriman

WFT: db=chet_ogan. Second wife of Merrill, was widow of __ Johnson.

Lieut William Phillips

lived in Watertown & Saco

Abel Crocker

Crocker Family Genealogy, James Russell Crocker, 1952.

Mary Isum (Isham?)

Crocker Family Genealogy, James Russell Crocker, 1952.

Deacn William Crocker

Crocker Family Genealogy, James Russell Crocker, 1952.

His will and other details of his life are included in a genealogy compiled by
Sharen Neal.

Alice Hoyt (?) Foster (?)

Her middle and last names are marked with question marks in the
Crocker Family Genealogy, James Russell Crocker, 1952.

Other genealogies list her as just Alice Hoyt,
born 1615 in Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Most of these


     Name: Family History Library
     Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA

Title: Ancestral File (R)
Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Publication: Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998.

However, New England was not settled by Europeans until
the Mayflower arrived in 1620, making a 1615 birth
place of Barnstable, MA unlikely for Alice (unless
she is Native American).

A much more thorough citation, which also indicates that the name is either Hoyt or Foster, was listed by Sharen Neal, and is found

Lt. Daniel Crocker

Crocker Family Genealogy, James Russell Crocker, 1952.
WFT db=chet_ogan has slightly different dates: b:2/11/1723 in Kings Kerswell, Devonshire. England, d. abt. 2/25/1788.

Susanna Dunham

Crocker Family Genealogy, NEHGS
WFT db=chet_ogan: Second marriage of Daniel, to widow of __ Morton

Abel Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden>

Hezediah Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden

Phebe Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden

Rebekah Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden

Heman Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden

Rhonda (Rhoda) Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden

Elijah Crocker

From  Betty Lumsden . Emigrated to Nova Scotia.

Capt. John Alden

occ. cooper; founding member of Old S. Church, Boston.  Accused of witchcraft in 1692, examined at Salem, jailed in Boston until Gov. Phips released all remaining "witches" still in prison in April, 1693.  Resided on Alden Lane in Boston, later renamed to Alden St.

Elizabeth Phillips Everell


Nicholas Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1084
WFT db=atwood&ID=916

Olive Harman

WFT db=alirose4tee id=I1085

John Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1131
Note: the WFT atwood db does not list him as a child of Nicholas, and it seems odd that he could be born 5 days after Harman and in a different town.

Harman Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1137
also, WFT db=atwood&id=I916, which has birthdate of Nov. 1570.

Oliver Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1076
WFT db=atwood&id=I925

Susana or Susan Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee id=I1135

Johannes or Johanem or John Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1130
WFT db=atwood&ID=928
Occupation: leather trader/merchant

Nicholas Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1133
WFT db=atwood&ID=929

Thomas Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1132
WFT db=atwood&ID=930

Jacobus James Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1142
WFT db=atwood&ID=931

Derrick Atwood

WFT db=alirose4tee&id=I1141
WFT db=atwood&ID=932

Richard Atwood or Woode

WFT db=alirose4tee id=I1144
WFT db=atwood&ID=934

Eleazer Crocker

Source: Crocker Family Genealogy, James Russell Crocker, 1952.

Thomas Chipman

WFT db=ginny0core id=I7216

Sharen Neal beleives he was born in Dorset, England.
Birth date is from Neal's genealogy.