Grayson family



Source: 1910 census. Highly likely that niece Nellie Louise Upham was named after her.

Charles Bridgham

Source: 1910 census

Hanah? Bridgham

Source: 1910 census

daughter Bridgham

Source: 1910 census

Col. Cyrus Clark

Bridgham family record in Androscoggin Historical Society

Mary Bridgham

Suspect she is the artist who created the Bridgham family record picture in the Androscoggin Historical Society

Stephen Atwood

Bridgham family record in Androscoggin Historical Society.
WFT db=atwood, ID=I1489
Gravesite information from Joan Gray.

Olive Bridgham

Source: Gravesite information: Joan Gray.
1860 census is inconsistent with the death date of 1856.

Sullivan Bridgham Atwood

WFT db=atwood&ID=I2288

Roscoe L. Atwood

WFT db=atwood&ID=I2289

Luther Seth Atwood

WFT db=atwood&ID=I2290

John Atwood

WFT db=atwood&ID=I13813

Hannah Shaw Atwood

WFT db=atwood&ID=I2291

Wyomarus De Greenwode

Source: Selvage Genealogy

Frederick Greenwood 1914, Greenwood Genealogies, 1154-1914. The
progenitor of the English Greenwood family was Wyomarus de Greenwode
(Wyomarus of Greenwood) and all Greenwoods of Anglo-Saxon background
are believed to be his descendants. The Greenwood surname became
fixed only about 1500.
He was a caterer to Maud/Matilda, the mother of King Henry II
(reigned 1154-1189). A noble, there exists a coat of arms.
Wyomarus or his immediate descendants built a stone manor house
1.5 miles from Heptonstall, West Riding of Yorkshire, on the slope of
Hardcastle Crags overlooking Hebden Valley on the old Roman highway
leading to Colne (this would be 20 miles due west of Leeds and 2
miles from the town of Hebden Bridge). This mansion and estate are
known as Greenwood Lee (first recorded in Heptonstall public records
in 1362). In the vicinity is a second stone building called High
Greenwood (first recorded 1379 as Hegh Grenewod), on the Roman road,
Greenwood Lee Wood, High Greenwood Wood, Greenwood Lee Clough, Green
Hill, and other sites are once part of a settlement and tract called
Greenwood which stretched from Stoneshay Gate to Widdop Gate and from
the road to the Hebden River in the valley.

Frederick Greenwood, 1914, Greenwood Genealogies. Wyomarus de
Greenwode de Greenwode-Leghe, caterer to Mawde the Empress 1154.

Kenneth P. Darling 1979, Greenwood (manuscript in the D.A.R. Library,
Washington, D.C.). This seems to have been taken from Frederick

Bartram De Greenwode

Source: Woodworth Genealogy

Jonatha Harringill

Source: Woodworth Genealogy

Robert De Greenwode

Source: Woodworth Genealogy

Jane Brigham

Source: Woodworth Genealogy

Alexander Greenwode

Source: Woodworth Genealogy