Grayson family


John Harding

src: LDS, suspect

Elmer G. Bridgham confirms that Elizabeth was the daughter of John Harding, yeoman of Borsham, Essex, England and says the will of
John Harding dated September 1, 1631 and probated January 7, 1632 mentions her.

Mary or Marie or Annie Green?

src: LDS, suspect; Marie is name in WFT, db=jrecord, ID=14932
Elmer G. Bridgham says John Harding's wife was named Annie.

John Harding

WFT db=jrecord,ID=14933

WFT db=jrecord, id=14938

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1605

Marie Harding

WFT db=jrecord,ID=14934

Martha Harding

WFT db=jrecord,ID=14935

Thomas Harding

WFT db=jrecord, id=14936

Phillippa Harding

WFT db=jrecord, id=14937

Robert Harding

WFT db=jrecord, id=14939

Ann Harding

WFT db=jrecord, id=14940

Jonathan Harding

WFT db=jrecord, id=14941

Abraham Harding

WFT db=jrecord, id=14942

John Harding

src: LDS, suspect

Robert Nuton "Newt" Grayson

1  _MILT
2  PLAC Civil War: Co H 144th Ind Inf; no dates given

His tombstone lists him as a member of Company H, 144th Indiana Infantry, so presumably he died in the Civil War.

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Robert A.

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1847

BURIAL: Also shown as Buried killed and buried in quarry accident.

Nancy C. Catherine "Katie" Grayson

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1849

John Marcus Grayson

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as John Mark