Grayson family


Percival Clayton Babcock

Per Richard Glover email of 11/29/10

Atosa Greenwood Perkins

Per Richard Glover email of 11/29/10

Beatrice Atosa Babcock

Per Richard Glover email of 11/29/10.

"She always said she had Indian blood, but
only said that her grandmother Johnson was part Indian." Richard cannot find a grandmother named Johnson.

C. H. Bridgham

Not sure which Bridgham this spouse is. The couple resided in Auburn, ME

Ebeneezer Perkins

surgeon in Revolutionary War

Isabella Perkins

Resides in Minot, Androscoggin County

Dora Perkins

Lives in Stoneham, Massachusetts

Mary Hayward

The Mayflower Families - Volume 1 - concludes this Mary Hayward is the daughter of John and Anna White Hayward although she is not mentioned in lists of their daughters.

Benjamin Willard

From the World Connect Db=burnamj:

"He and his eldest son and two of his sons-in-law bought a tract of land of which we give an abstract of the deed :

"Benjamin Willard, housewright, Joseph Willard, webster, and Thomas Pratt, Junr. husbandman, all of Framingham, and Nehemiah How of Sudbury, bought of the heirs of Benjamin Thompson, school master, October 14, 1716, 300 acres of land in the wilderness, etc ., called Collett's farm." (Suff. Co. Deeds, 37, 250.)

He resided at Sudbury some time; then at Framingham, later at Grafton. He was a justice of the peace.

Note: He is listed as Captain Benjamin Willard. According to the Willard Genealogy Benjamin was a Justice of the Peace, Carpenter and a Housewright"