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"    The name Staunton derives from "stoney town", in an area made up of sandstone, lime and coal, with Harold de Lecha coming from an ancient Lord of that name.

   In 1066, Henry de Ferrers arrived in England with William the Conqueror and was given land at Staunton by William, along with Breedon and Tonge. Henry in turn gave some of his lands to Alan de Lecha who was to hold it up to the year 1101, when his son Harold de Lecha became Lord of the Manor at Staunton. A document dated 1357 shows that also around this time a Saxon family, the Shirleys, were already established in a village of that name in Derbyshire.

   By the beginning of the 12th century three families and names were involved in the history of Staunton: FERRARIS, a Norman name derived from ferrum (iron or horseshoe) and farrarius (a farrier); DE LECHA, Alan and Harold, from East Leake; and the SEWALUS family who owned land in various parts of England including Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and took the name SHIRLEY around 1240."