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Baron Of Nottingham Thomas De Furnival

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   Sir Thomas de Furnival, succeeded to the feudal barony, and Henry III committed to his wardship William de Moubray, son of Roger de Moubray, a great Yorkshire baron. Of this Thomas nothing more is known than his being slain by the Saracens in the Holy Land, where he had journeyed on a pilgrimage, and that his body was brought from thence by his brother Gerard and buried at Worksop. By Bertha, his wife, he had a son and successor, Thomas de Furnival, who had license in the 54th of Henry III to make a castle of his manor house of Sheffield, County York.

Gerard De Furnival


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   GERARD DE FURNIVAL,(*) with King Richard I at the siege of Acon in the Holy Land, had GERARD DE FURNIVAL, son and heir, who married Maud, daughter and heir of William de Lovetot (ped. 121), a great baron in Nottinghamshire, who had livery of her lands 5 John; died at Jerusalem 3 Henry III

   Girard de Furnival, who married Maud, daughter and heiress of William de Luvetot, a powerful Nottinghamshire baron, and had livery of her lands in the 5th year of King John, 1204. This feudal lord, being one of the barons who adhered to King John, was included in the commission to treat, on the part of the monarch, with Robert de Roos and other insurrectionary lords, and was appointed by the King to reside at Bolsover Castle, County Derby, for the better preservation of the peace in those parts. He died at Jerusalem, in the 3rd of Henry III, 1219, leaving three sons, Thomas, Gerard, and William."

Girard De Furnival

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   Girard de Furnival came into England from Normandy, and accompanied King Richard "the Lion heart" on Crusade to the Holy Land, assisting at the siege of Acre in 1192.