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King Of Kintyre And Scotland Ailpin MacEochaid

   Alpin II of Dalriada, also known as Alpin mac Eochaid was the father of Kenneth I of Scotland and Donald I of Scotland who united the Kingdom of the Scots and the Picts.

   Little is known about Alpin other than that his father was Eochaid IV of Dalriada, who has been called in some accounts the King "of Scotland". This title was probably a ceremonial one.

   He married a Scottish princess, whose name is now no longer known, and had two sons by her.

   Alpin was certainly dead by 840, when his son, Kenneth, took the kingship of Dalriada. A late source states that he died in 834 fighting the Picts in Galloway. He did not succeed to the kingship.

King Of Scots Eochaidh MacFerfus The Venomous

   Eochaidh Rinnamail

   Eochaid IV of Dalriada
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   Eochaid IV of Dalriada, also known as Eochaid the Venomous Eochaid IV was king of Dalriada. He reigned in 781. He was the father of Alpin II of Dalriada.

   Some sources state that he was the king "of Scotland", but it remains unclear what this meant, as Scotland did not exist in any modern day sense at that time. The title may well have been symbolic.

   Eochaid's wife is said to have been the sister and heiress of Constantine, King of the Picts.

Áed 'the White Find' of Argyll

Aed of Dalriada
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Aed of Dalriada, also known as Aed Find the White Aed was king of Dalriada. He reigned from about 739-778.

Aed Find defeated Pictish King Kenneth in 768 on the battle field of Fortrui near Perth.

Áed Find
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Áed Find (Aed the White) was king of Dál Riata (modern western Scotland) from before 768 until his death in 778.

He was the son of Eochaid mac Echdach. He was succeeded by his brother Fergus. The Annals of Ulster may report a battle in 768 between Aed and the Pictish king, Ciniod, in Fortriu.

King of Dál Riata Eochaidh Mac Eochaidh III

   Eochaid III of Dalriada
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   Eochaid (Scottish Gaelic: Eochaid mac Echdach or Eochaid Angbhadh) was king of Dál Riata (modern western Scotland) from 726 until 733. He was a son of Eochaid mac Domangairt.

   Eochaid came to power as king of Dál Riata in 726, presumably deposing Dúngal mac Selbaich. Selbach may have tried to restore his son to power, and fought against Eochaid's supporters at Irros Foichnae in 727, but without apparent success. The annals vary as to whether the despatch of a fleet from Dál Riata to Ireland to aid Flaithbertach mac Loingsig in his war with Áed Allán should be placed in the reign of Eochaid, or that of his successor.

   At his death in 733, Eochaid is named king rather than lord of Dál Riata, which may suggest that after the defeat of Dúngal and Selbach his reign was unchallenged. His son, Áed Find, was later king of Dál Riata.

   As Dál Riata certainly maintained a separate existence until 736, Eochaid must have had a successor, or successors. It is perhaps simplest to assume that he was followed by a brother, Alpin mac Echdach, who would then reign for four years according to the Duan Albanach. In that case Muiredach mac Ainbcellaich, and perhaps Dúngal mac Selbaich from 726 to 733, would be sub-kings of the Cenél Loairn.

King Of Dál Riata Eochaidh "Crook-Nose" II

   Eochaid II of Dalriada, also known as Eochaid Crook-Nose. Eochaid II was king of Dalriada. He reigned in about 697.

   Eochaid mac Domangairt
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   Eochaid mac Domangairt (d. ca. 697) was a king of Dál Riata (modern western Scotland) in about 697. He was a member of the Cenél nGabráin, the son of Domangart mac Domnaill and father of Eochaid mac Echdach; Alpín mac Echdach may also be a son of this Eochaid.

   He is named in Dál Riata king-lists, the Duan Albanach and the Synchronisms of Fland Mainistrech of Monasterboice. In some sources he is called Eochaid Crook-Nose (Riannamail), but modern readings take this is a being a garbled reference to Fiannamail ua Dúnchado rather than an epithet.

   The killing of Eochu nepos Domnaill, Eochaid grandson of Domnall Brecc, is reported in the Annals of Ulster for 697.

King Of Scotland Domangairt MacDomnaill II

Domangart II of Dalriada, also known as Domangart mac Domnal. Domangart II was king of Dalriada. He reigned from about 660-673.

Domangart mac Domnaill
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Domangart mac Domnaill (died 673) was a king in Dál Riata (modern western Scotland) and the son of Domnall Brecc. It is not clear whether he was over-king of Dál Riata or king of the Cenél nGabráin.

Domangart is not listed by the Duan Albanach but is included in other sources, such as genealogies of William the Lion, and that of Causantín mac Cuilén found with the Senchus fer n-Alban. In these genealogies he is noted as the father of Eochaid mac Domangairt.

The Annals of Ulster for 673 report: "The killing of Domangart, son of Domnall Brecc, the king of Dál Riata." Some king-lists state that in his time the Cenél Comgaill separated from the Cenél nGabráin.

It is not clear who succeeded Domangart as king of Dál Riata, if he was such, or as king of the Cenél nGabráin. Known kings after Domangart include Máel Dúin mac Conaill and Domnall Donn of the Cenél nGabráin and Ferchar Fota of the Cenél Loairn is assigned a long reign of 21 years by the Duan Albanach and other king-lists, and this would place the beginning of his rule close to the death of Domangart.

King Of Scotland Domnall "the Speckled" Brecc

   Domnal of Dalriada
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   Domnal of Dalriada, also known as Domnal Brecc the Freckled, was king of Dalriada from c. 629 until 642. He was the son of Eochaid I. Domnal broke Dalriada's alliance with the Uí Néill (High Kings of Ireland).

   He suffered four great defeats which his contemporaries blamed on his breaking of faith with the Uí Néill kinsmen of St. Columba. In Ireland Domnal was defeated by the Uí Néill at Mag Rath in 637. He lost to the Picts in 635 and 638 and finally, and fatally, to the Strathclyde Britons at Strathcarron in 642.

   Domnall Brecc
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   Domnall Brecc (Donald the Freckled) (d. 642 in Strathcarron) was king of Dál Riata, in modern Scotland, from about 629 until 642. He was the son of Eochaid Buide.

   He first appears in 622, when the Annals of Tigernach report his presence at the battle of Cend Delgthen (probably in Meath) as an ally of Conall Guthbinn of Clann Cholmáin. This is the only battle known where Domnall Brecc fought on the winning side.

   Domnall suffered four defeats after he broke Dál Riata's alliance with the Cenél Conaill clan of the Uí Néill. In Ireland, Domnall and his ally Congal Cáech of the Dál nAraidi were defeated by Domnall mac Áedo of the Cenél Conaill, the High King of Ireland, at the Battle of Mag Rath (Moira, County Down) in 637. He also lost to the Picts in 635 and 638 and lastly to Eugein I of Alt Clut at Strathcarron in 642, where he was killed.

   A verse attributed to Aneirin recalls the defeat of Domnall Brecc at the hands of the men of Alt Clut:

   I saw an array that came from Pentir,
   And bore themselves splendidly around the conflagration.
   I saw a second one, rapidly descending from their township,
   Who had risen at the word of the grandson of Nwython.[1]
   I saw great sturdy men who came with the dawn,
   And the head of Dyfnwal Frych,[2] ravens gnawed it.

   Domnall's son Domangart mac Domnaill was later to be king of Dál Riata and from him the later kings of the Cenél nGabr��in were descended. A second son, Cathasach, died c. 650, and a grandson of Domnall, also called Cathasach, died c. 688.