Grayson family


Christian Gottlieb Seelemann

The death of Anna Maria Seelemann, born Apelt, on July 25, 1813, is recorded
in Mormon film 1273391.  She was buried July 27.  Her husband was Christian
Seelemann, meat cutter, and she left behind one son and two daughters.  The
age at death is illegible, but clearly ends with 2, and the first digit could
be 7.  She is listed as dying of old age (Alterschwäche), so it could be
age 72.  Thus she might be the mother of Christian Gottlieb.

The death of Christian Gottlob Seelmann is recorded on Mormon film 1273391 on
January 2, 1826, in Gräfenhainichen, Germany, item number 1, buried January
5.  He is listed as an local elderly citizen and meat cutter.  The age at
death is written on the book, but does not appear on the film because it was
lost in the crack.  I think it says he was already a widower, but I could be
wrong.  It states that he leaves behind one son, so this could be the father
of Christian Gottlieb.

I wonder whether Johann Gottlob Seelemann or Johann Friedrich Wilhelm
Seelemann is related.

Church office in Gräfenhainichen: Evangelische Gemeinde Kirchenrat,
Kirchplatz 3, 06773 Gräfenhainichen, Germany; phone (03-49-53) 2-20-60.

Church office in Raguhn: Evangelische Pfarramt, 06779 Raguhn; phone
(03-49-06) 2-08-28.

Church office in Dessau: address: Landeskirchenrat, Friedrich Strasse 22-24,
Dessau; phone (0340) 2-20-33-22.  Archives phone: (0340) 82-48-62.  According
to the state archives in Wolfenbuttel, these archives are responsible now for