Grayson family


Jonathan Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, id=14944

Elmer G. Bridgham says his birthdate was Oct., 1648
and mentions his marriage to Elizabeth.

Roscoe Wood

WFT db=jrecord, ID=01126; extensive pedigree to 1500's there

Ella Hannah Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=03509

William B Wood

WFT db=jrecord, ID=03510

Harriet Wood

WFT db=jrecord, ID=03814

Linn Wood

WFT db=jrecord, ID=03512

Dr. Charles Burr Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12921. There is a Charles B. Bridgham enrolled as a musician, age 21, from Buckfield, in the company D, Second Regiment of U.S. Sharpshooters, 1863 .Discharged to be Assistant Surgeon, 54TH,Massachusetts Volunteers.

Addie Williams

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12922

Mary Francis Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12905

Addie Ellen Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12906

Charles Burr Bridgham Jr.

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12907

Hattie Belle Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12908

Henry Sydenham Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12909

Paul Chester Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12910

Lucy (Hayford) Farrar

WFT db=jrecord,ID=12823

Grover Cleveland Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12900

Blanch McIntire

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12901.

Fred Woodbury Record

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12897.

Rebecca Lucritia Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12898.   No children. Raised Henry Bridgham.

Lee Bridgham

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12910

Cassie Slattery

WFT db=jrecord, ID=12911

Lucretia Bridgham

History of Paris, ME to 1880.

Rausom Bonney

History of Paris, ME to 1880.  1860 census, Poland Androscoggin, p 173 has him age 44 with wife Arvilla, age 45, dau. Helen 19 and Amanda 16. He was a farm laborer with real estate worth $700.

Arvilla Bridgham

History of Paris, ME to 1880.  1860 census, Poland, Androscoggin, p. 173 shows her age 45, husband Rausom age 44, two daughters Amanda 16 and Hellen, 19.

Caleb Cushman Jr.

WFT db=jrecord, id=010701; many descendents and some ancestors

Eveline (Everline?) Bridgham

History of Paris, ME to 1880. Also WFT db=jrecord, id=01072